Geophysical Target Identified On 4J’s Property

Teuton Resources Corp. (“TUO:TSX-V”) (“Teuton”) is pleased to announce that a major target has been identified on its wholly-owned 4J’s property by integrating results from a recently completed, Aeroquest EM and Magnetometer survey with all prior exploration. The property is located 40 km northwest of Stewart, British Columbia

Highlights from the interpretation are as follows:

• A complex 300+ metre long EM anomaly lying astride a magnetic low on the flank of an intrusive body (see figure attached) is situated under thin ice cover near the height of land on the west side of the Bowser River valley.

• Abundant sulphide-mineralized float boulders have been discovered emanating from a source under the ice at two sites, both of them local embayments into the icefield that encroach upon the area of the EM anomaly. Six samples of galena-bournonite boulders averaged 24.54 oz/ton silver, 0.047 oz/ton Au and 28.05% lead.

• Very fine-grained, Pb-Zn-Sb-Ag-Au mineralization hosted in argillites near the edge of
the ice has been characterized as sedex or VMS in nature based on petrographic studies.VMS expert Dr. Ross Sherlock stated that the 4J’s has “potential for a deposit of significant size and value making it a worthwhile exploration target.”

BC government geological publications have previously cited the 4J’s as sharing some affinities with the very rich Eskay Creek gold-silver deposits located 38 km to the northwest. The EM anomaly further underscores the comparison. Jonathan Rudd, Ph.D.,chief geophysicist for Aeroquest Limited stated:

“The Eskay-style sulphide target can range from a non-conductive, chargeable (will respond to an IP survey, but not to an EM survey) feature to a semi-massive sulphide target which would be chargeable and conductive, responding to both EM and IP surveys. Of note, the Eskay Creek deposit itself is known to be a conductive massive sulphide body. So it follows that where conductive sulphide targets exist, the priority for follow-up must be very high given the bonanza grades that these sulphides can host.

The 4J anomaly has a known occurrence of fine-grained stratiform sulphides in argillite in close proximity to the EM anomaly. The mineralogy of the sulphide is encouraging with the strong presence of bournonite, a mineral common at Eskay Creek. Graphite is also identified as a constituent mineral in this occurrence Assays of this occurrence indicate the presence of excellent grades.”

Teuton will send a geological team to investigate the area of the anomaly as soon as field conditions permit, probably in early July. Because of the very rapid meltback of icefields inthe Stewart region in recent years, it may well be that parts of the EM anomaly area are already exposed. The last time the 4J’s was accessed by Teuton personnel was in 1998.

Dino Cremonese, P.Eng., president and CEO of Teuton, commented: “Our decision to use Aeroquest Limited’s state-of-the-art geophysical surveys on many of our prime Stewart area properties has been rewarded by the discovery of yet another exciting target. If possible we will drill test the 4J’s later on in the field season, or, alternatively, find an option partner to undertake the work. With our Del Norte, Leduc Silver, Clone, Tonga and Campbell Ridge properties already contracted for drilling, early indications are that this will be the busiest field season ever for Teuton.”

D. Cremonese, P.Eng., is the Qualified Person for Teuton Resources Corp. in regard to data
presented in this News Release.


“D.Cremonese, P.Eng.”, President

Teuton Resources Corp

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