2017 Drilling on Copper Belle Zone.


The Treaty Creek property lies within the Sulphurets hydrothermal system in the southern, most gold-rich portion of British Columbia’s famous “Golden Triangle”.  This system—marked by kilometers of bright yellow, orange and red zones of alteration (gossans)—hosts the world’s largest undeveloped gold reserves in the KSM property (Kerr, Sulphurets, Mitchell and Iron Cap deposits) owned by Seabridge Gold.   Right next door to the KSM lies another giant gold porphyry deposit, the “Snowfield”, hosted in the northern portion of Pretium Resources’ Snowfield-Brucejack property.   Further south and still well within the system is Pretium’s exceptionally high-grade Valley of the Kings gold deposit which recently entered into commercial production after $1Billion in construction costs [see Sulphurets Hydrothermal System map, adjacent].

Studies by the British Columbia Geological Survey have shown that all of the Seabridge Gold deposits lie along an important geological contact, now known as “Kyba’s Red Line”.  They are also all spatially related to a prominent thrust fault, the Sulphurets.  Both the Red Line and the Sulphurets thrust fault pass northeastward from the KSM property into the Treaty Creek property continuing onward for many kilometres.  Although exploration at Treaty Creek has been minor compared to the hundreds of millions of dollars spent to date at both neighbouring properties (KSM and Snowfield-Brucejack), it has resulted in the delineation of a zone, the “Copper Belle”,  which is showing some very promising gold results in recent drill holes.

A resource calculation is now underway at the Copper Belle.  This will incorporate values from over fifty holes drilled into the zone in 2007, 2009, 2016 and 2017, the best of which ran 149.1m grading 1.78 g/t gold (see News Release dated January 16, 2018).  This maiden resource is expected to be released before the end of the second quarter in 2018.

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Coarse gold from Konkin Zone.

Ownership of Treaty Creek

Tudor Gold Corp. (“TUD”) owns a 60% interest in Treaty Creek and is the Operator of the project.  It Is responsible for paying all costs associated with exploration up until such time as the property has a positive feasibility decision.

American Creek Resources (“AMK”) owns a 20% carried interest in the property, meaning it does not have to pay for exploration until such time as a production decision is made.

Teuton Resources (“TUO”) is the original owner of Treaty Creek.  It now holds a 20% carried interest in the property, meaning it does not have to pay for exploration costs until such time as a production decision is made.  It also holds a royalty interest of 0.98% in the core portion of the property and a 0.49% royalty interest in the peripheral claims, neither of which are subject to a buy back.

Plans for 2018

Since acquiring its joint venture position in the property in 2016, Tudor Gold has spent approximately $7 million in exploration.   This exploration has concentrated on two zones among many, the GR2/HC and the Copper Belle.  The Copper Belle zone appears to be a gold-rich porphyry with some similarities to Pretium’s gold porphyry Snowfield deposit just to the south.  The GR2/HC appears to be a precious metal-rich VHMS system.

A magnetotelluric survey run on the Treaty Creek property conducted in 2016 along trend of the Red Line (northeast of Seabridge Gold’s Iron Cap deposit) disclosed a km’s long anomaly which is considered propitious for hosting gold and gold-copper porphyry deposits.    The Copper Belle zone lies within this anomaly.

Tudor Gold is in the process of raising money to fund an ambitious 2018 program.  This work will attempt to follow up the excellent gold grades obtained in 2017 in the northeast section of the Copper Belle zone as well as around Hole 26.  It will also test the 2km anomalous section as defined by a Magnetotelluric survey carried out in 2016 which lies in the area between the Copper Belle zone and Seabridge Gold’s Iron Cap gold deposit.     Further work on the GR2/HC zone as well as other targets defined by ongoing surface exploration will take place.    A final target is the Thrust Fault Convergence zone situated in the southwest corner of the property and beginning 800m from the Seabridge Gold’s Iron Cap deposit.   In this area, a convergence of multiple faults, along with the presence of unusual geophysical features (EM anomalies, magnetic highs and lows), shows good potential for the emplacement of mineralization.

Treaty Creek central gossan.
View from Iron Cap Deposit looking north to Copper Belle Zone (on the left) and Treaty Central Gossan (on the right).

2017 Copper Belle Drone Flyover

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Major Drill Program at Treaty Creek in 2017

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