Eskay Rift Property


The Eskay Rift property adjoins to the south of Teutons’ Big Gold property.  Much of the claim area lies along the “Eskay Rift” described by D.J. Alldrick in Paper 2006-1, Geological Fieldwork 2005 as “a fault-bounded basin hosting thick accumulations of bimodal basalt and rhyolite flows, with intercalated sedimentary rocks.  Rift strata record the final eruptive events of the Early to Middle Jurassic Hazelton Group, an island-arc complex that extends from the Yukon to Washington State.”  

In 2018, Teuton commissioned an airborne ZTEM survey undertaken by Geotech over the neighbouring Pearson-Mach properties which was extended to include the Eskay Rift and Big Gold properties.  Three Priority 1 target zones were identified on the Eskay Rift claims, the third of which called “Z-3 ” extends for over 3km and consists of a conductive mag high which “could represent massive sulphide or BIF [banded iron formation] mineralization”.

Subsequent to the survey a drone video reconnaissance identified a series of pyritic beds, only recently emerged from ice cover, lying along a minimum 500m length in the northern portion of the Z3 target area.  The beds appear to be stratigraphically controlled and are from 1-5m thick. Accompanying this summary are two videos which outline part of the horizons.

Teuton plans to intensively sample the structures in 2020 and also to carry out some ground-based geophysical surveys.   

Eskay Rift Drone Video #1

Eskay Rift Drone Video #2