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Very recently a large, gold-bearing altered zone was discovered 4km south of the Pretium property and on line with the Valley of the Kings gold deposit, now the largest, undeveloped  high-grade gold deposit in the world.  Called the “Tuck”,  this promising zone is to be drilled during the 2014 field season.  There are many similarities in this zone with other gold-bearing zones on the Brucejack property.

The Sulphurets fault, key to many of the Seabridge copper-gold deposits, extends for 8km into the High and adjoining Orion property (also owned by Teuton).   Seabridge is exploring the Deep Kerr with 4 drills, some of them aimed at the eastern side of the deposit.  Teuton plans to investigate the area southeast of the Deep Kerr (on Teuton ground) for possible porphyry copper-gold mineralization