The Del Norte property is one of Teuton’s original claim holdings in the Golden Triangle dating back to 1983. It is located five kilometers south of the paved road linking the town of Stewart to BC’s broader highway network. Three gold-bearing streams cut through the property–Nelson, Del Norte and Willoughby—one of them the subject of a placer operation by Cominco in the 1930’s. A definitive source for the placer gold in these streams is yet to be determined.

The Del Norte property was optioned to Decade Resources in January of 2020 with terms allowing Decade to earn up to a 55% interest in the property by spending $4 million over a five year period. Decade can an earn an additional 20% interest by carrying the property to commercial production.

Two Decade geologists, Alex Walus and Krzystof Mastalerz, are assembling and collating exploration data regarding approximately $5.5 million of work carried out since 1985. This work, consisting of comprehensive surface programs including diamond drilling, was mostly undertaken by three previous optionees (Goodgold Resources, Lateegra Resources and Sabina Silver Resources) but Teuton also carried out a number of drill programs itself, the last in 2019. Most of the previous exploration concentrated on vein discoveries carrying gold and silver values (principally the LG Vein), gold-silver breccias (K Zone) and porphyry-copper related showings (Crackle zone, Hardpan Creek and the “O“ zone).

Decade will await the completion of Walus’s and Mastalrz’s work before finalizing exploration plans for 2020.

Area Map

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Merl Moorman and Alex Walus, early explorers of the Del Norte property. (Click to enlarge)

2018 Geotech ZTEM Airborne Survey

In 2018, Teuton flew a ZTEM airborne survey over the claims which resulted in the delineation of 5 gold targets (potential for mesothermal gold mineralization) and 1 porphyry target. One of the gold targets coincides with the LG vein which was drilled between 2003 and 2006 and the K zone which was drilled in 2002. The ZTEM survey indicates the favourable horizon for finding gold mineralization extends the length of the property and is much more extensive than indicated by either the LG vein or K zone occurrences. It also suggests that the hydrothermal activity to which both of these structures is related goes deep, to at least 1,000m. In addition, it shows that the center of the low resistivity anomaly which marks the “A2” target coincides with an intense EM anomaly discovered during a 2005 Aerotem survey. This target was drilled by Teuton in 2019. Although economic grades were not discovered, geological indications are that a VMS system may lie nearby.

The ZTEM survey also discovered a large porphyry target, the “P1” lying close to the western boundary and overlapping Teuton’s 100%-owned Horatio property. This porphyry target lies to the northwest of the Crackle zone (discovered in the 1990’s) and a drillsite in 2016 which returned porphyry copper-gold mineralization. The Crackle zone has not been drilled but is at the center of prominent copper soil anomaly. The deepest 2016 drill hole returned an intersection running 74.2m of 0.15% Cu and 0.27 g/t Au within a zone featuring K-spar alteration, interpreted to be in the periphery of a porphyry system.

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