Teuton Announces New Best Intercept for Treaty Creek Property Averaging 0.845 gpt AuEq over 973 Meters from Hole GS-20-57, Including 1.40 gpt AuEq over 217.5 Meters

July 9, 2020 – Vancouver, Canada –– Teuton Resources Corp.  (“Teuton” or “the Company”) (“TUO”-TSX-V) (“TFE”- Frankfurt) has received a report from its joint venture partner Tudor Gold containing results from the first holes drilled in 2020 at the Treaty Creek property, located in the Golden Triangle of northwest British Columbia.  Tudor Gold says that diamond drilling is progressing very well on the Goldstorm Zone which is on-trend from Seabridge Gold’s KSM Project located five kilometers southwest of the Goldstorm system. Two additional drills have been mobilized to the project to bring the total to four diamond drill rigs.  Tudor Gold intends to extend the diamond drill hole program up to possibly 35,000 meters from the original plan of 20,000 meters and is fully funded to do so. The initial drilling this season has yet to delineate the limits of the Goldstorm system as it remains open in all directions and to depth. 

Tudor Gold’s Vice President of Project Development, Ken Konkin, P.Geo., states: “The priority was to expand the Goldstorm System to the southeast and to the northeast, however drilling began in the central and southwest areas where grades were weaker within the overall system.  The objective was to either expand the known area of mineralization or to define its limits. We were pleasantly surprised to see the strength of mineralization encountered in drill hole GS-20-57 which has an enriched interval that averages 1.40 gpt AuEq over 217.5 meters (544.5 to 762.0 meters).  The entire intercept has a composite average of 0.845 gpt AuEq over 973.05m (34.50 to 1077.55 meters). We were confident that we could surpass our former best intercept of GS-19-47 with 0.697 gpt AuEq over 1081.5 meters, but we never thought we’d find such a wide extent of mineralization in the central-southwest portion of the system.  As well, we attempted to expand the limits in the southeast part of the system where we had some elevated spikes in gold grades from our 2019 drilling. Two of our first five drill holes cut Visible Gold in holes GS-20-55 and GS-20-58 on Section 110+00 NE. The highest gold value was from GS-20-55 with 37.7 gpt Au and 44.8 gpt Ag over 1.0 meter (428.5 to 429.5 meters). The native gold occurrences both came from the CS-600 Zone which has an enriched portion that averages 1.34 gpt AuEq over 69.0 meters from 360.5 to 429.5 meters. The northeastern extension to Goldstorm is the main event of this program and we will begin drilling this area in mid-July.” 

Ken Konkin, P.Geo adds: “The current known length of the northeast axis of the Goldstorm System is over 850 meters long and the southeast axis is at least 600m across, and it remains open in all directions and to depth. Apart from GS-20-57, the strongest mineralization encountered to date is from the two consecutive 150m step-out holes drilled to the northeast in 2019: GS-19-42 yielded 0.849 g/t Au Eq over 780 m within the 300 Horizon including 1.275 g/t Au Eq over 370.5m, and GS-19-47 yielded 0.697 g/t Au Eq over 1,081.5m within the 300 Horizon including 0.867 g/t Au Eq over 301.5m. The exploration program will now be focused on expanding mineralization from these two exceptional step-out holes with three drills. We plan to continue stepping forward along the NE axis with yet another 150 meter step out hole, as well as fill-in drilling from the sites of GS-19-42 and GS-20-47. The geological model is evolving; it is apparent that there have been several pulses or phases of stronger gold, copper and silver mineralization that give the Goldstorm System its nebulous shape of interconnected disseminated and veinlet stockworks. It is clear that we also need to expand drilling to the southwest given the results obtained from GS-20-57. The plan includes drilling beneath the GS-20-57 intercept with hopes of expanding the excellent results obtained within this portion of the Goldstorm System.”

The two tables below provide the complete list of drill hole results as well as the drill hole data including hole location, elevation, depth, dip and azimuth. The four sections included at the bottom of the news release and on the Company’s website show the new drill holes plotted on their respective sections. 

Table l Gold equivalent composite values from the first nine holes of the 2020 drilling program in the Goldstorm Zone.

Section Horizon Hole_ID From  To Interval (m) Au g/t Ag g/t Cu ppm Au Eq g/t
110+00 NE 300 GS-20-54 73.95 195.5 121.55 0.633 3.39 218 0.706
110+00 NE 300 +CS600 GS-20-55 290.0 446.0 156.0 0.674 2.95 956 0.852
110+00 NE CS600 GS-20-55 360.5 429.5 69.0 1.172 1.69 985 1.338
110+00 NE 300 GS-20-57 34.5 1007.55 973.05 0.775 3.00 226 0.845
110+00 NE 300 GS-20-57 incl 544.5 904.5 360.0 1.051 3.10 122 1.107
110+00 NE 300 GS-20-57 or incl 544.5 762.0 217.5 1.338 3.32 150 1.400
110+00 NE 300 GS-20-58 107.0 394.5 287.5 0.351 0.99 119 0.380
110+00 NE 300+CS600 GS-20-60 24.0 666.0 642.0 0.592 2.15 497 0.691
110+00 NE 300 GS-20-60  incl 24.0 190.0 166.0 1.144 2.09 105 1.185
110+00 NE CS600 GS-20-60 & incl 588.0 666.0 78.0 0.509 7.45 3010 1.045
111+00 NE 300 GS-19-56 159.0 172.5 13.5 1.054 5.57 98 1.136
111+00 NE CS600 GS-19-59 139.0 398.0 259.0 0.328 6.99 1809 0.680
111+00 NE CS600 GS-19-59 incl 142.0 273.0 131.0 0.351 10.99 2777 0.894
112+50 NE CS600 GS-20-61 116.0 363.5 247.5 0.398 8.51 2690 0.899
112+50 NE CS600 GS-20-61 incl 116.0 321.5 205.5 0.453 8.56 3129 1.020
114+00 NE CS600 GS-20-62 143.0 371.0 228.0 0.356 3.53 729 0.507
114+00 NE CS600 GS-20-62 incl 143.0 206.0 63.0 0.758 2.76 1135 0.960
  • All assay values are uncut and intervals reflect drilled intercept lengths.
  • HQ and NQ2 diameter core samples were sawn in half and typically sampled at standard 1.5m intervals
  • The following metal prices were used to calculate the Au Eq metal content: Gold $1322/oz, Ag: $15.91/oz, Cu: $2.86/lb. Calculations used the formula Au Eq g/t = (Au g/t) + (Ag g/t x 0.012) + (Cu% x 1.4835). All metals are reported in USD and calculations do not consider metal recoveries. True widths have not been determined as the mineralized body remains open in all directions. Further drilling is required to determine the mineralized body orientation and true widths.

Table lI Drill hole data for the first nine holes of the 2020 drilling program in the Goldstorm Zone.

Zone Section Hole ID Northing UTM_N83_Z9 Easting UTM-N83_Z9 Elevation (m) Azimuth (m) Inclin. Depth (m)
Goldstorm 110+00 NE GS-20-54 428592.9 6272766.3 1274.53 120 -90 270
Goldstorm 110+00 NE GS-20-55 428664.9 6272728.5 1275.78 300 -90 576.4
Goldstorm 111+00 NE GS-20-56 428660.2 6272839.8 1267.97 120 -90 195
Goldstorm 110+00 NE GS-20-57 428529.3 6272813.9 1277.84 300 -60 1026
Goldstorm 110+00 NE GS-20-58 428757.1 6272676.6 1277.62 120 -90 506
Goldstorm 111+00 NE GS-20-59 428789.767 6272773.4 1266.43 120 -90 476
Goldstorm 110+00 NE GS-20-60 428530.976 6272812 1277 302 -88 765
Goldstorm 112+50 NE GS-20-61 428883.9 6272891.9 1250.99 120 -90 449
Goldstorm 114+00 NE GS-20-62 428953.745 6273025.2 1237.03 290 -90 449

Walter Storm, President and CEO of Tudor Gold, stated: “Given the excellent results obtained from the initial nine drill holes, we are very excited with the potential that lies ahead when we start drilling the priority northeastern portion of the Goldstorm target. Our commitment remains strong to publish a resource estimate at the end of this year. We will do what it takes to accomplish this, we have the necessary funds and an extremely competent technical team to achieve our goals. We have taken, and continue to take, precautions to maintain a healthy and COVID-19 free working environment.”

Tudor Gold Corp and its associated service companies have taken extreme measures to maintain the highest professional standards while working within COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Only essential personnel are permitted to enter the camp and staging areas. Of those who are at the project site and staging site, we have strict daily monitoring of the workers’ temperatures and general health conditions. We have a certified paramedic at the staging area to examine all in-coming and out-going Tudor personnel and all service providers.


Drill core samples were prepared at MSA Labs’ Preparation Laboratory in Terrace, BC and assayed at MSA Labs’ Geochemical Laboratory in Langley, BC. Analytical accuracy and precision are monitored by the submission of blanks, certified standards and duplicate samples inserted at regular intervals into the sample stream by Tudor Gold personnel. MSA Laboratories quality system complies with the requirements for the International Standards ISO 17025 and ISO 9001. MSA Labs is independent of the Company.  

Qualified Person

The Qualified Person for this news release for the purposes of National Instrument 43-101 is the Company’s Vice President Project Development, Ken Konkin, P.Geo. He has read and approved the scientific and technical information that forms the basis for the disclosure contained in this news release.  Dino Cremonese, P. Eng., is the Qualfied Person for Teuton Resources and as President is not independent of the Company.   He has not verified the technical information in this release but has no reason to believe it is inaccurate.

About Teuton

Teuton owns interests in more than thirty properties in the prolific “Golden Triangle” area of northwest British Columbia and was one of the first companies to adopt what has since become known as the “prospect generator” model.  Seven of these properties are currently under option to third parties.   Over $4 million in option cash payments and shares in optionee companies has been generated from these properties since 2015, including properties where optionees have already earned their interest. 

Teuton was the original staker of the Treaty Creek property assembling the core land position in 1985.  It presently holds a 20% carried interest in Treaty Creek (carried until such time as a production decision is made) as well as a 0.98% NSR in the claims covering the Goldstorm zone.  A 0.49% NSR is owned in the peripheral claims.   None of the NSRs are subject to a buy-back.  Teuton also owns eight other royalties in the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System with interests ranging up to 2.5%, none of which are subject to a buyback.  Interested parties can access information about Teuton at the Company’s website, www.teuton.com.

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