The Big Gold property is part of the 8 property-large Luxor Project (100% owned by Teuton Resources), located south of the String of Pearls, a sequence of supergiant porphyry copper-gold deposits including the Goldstorm (Tudor Gold-Teuton Resources and American Creek) and the Iron Cap, Mitchell, Sulphurets and Kerr (Seabridge Gold).   See Figure 1, for details.   Note that the northern boundary of the Big Gold is located about 5km to the south of a new massive sulfide copper occurrence, the “Copernicus” on the adjoining Orion property owned by Goldstorm Metals Inc. (Teuton retains a 2.5% Net Smelter Royalty in the Orion property).

In 2023, a geochemical sampling program in the southern portion of the Big Gold, next to an ablating valley glacier, led to the discovery of two massive sulfide occurrences containing lead-zinc-copper-silver  values (see Fig. 2 – Roman Zone Massive Sulfide Occurrences).   A high-grade silver vein was discovered nearby.  Refer to News Release dated Dec. 6, 2023 for more details.

The massive sulfide occurrences are located about 800m from the large Z-1 ZTEM geophysical anomaly discovered in an airborne survey conducted for the Company in 2018 by Geotech on the adjoining Eskay Rift property (also part of the Luxor Project).  The anomaly is a first Priority-1 target which strikes northeast over a distance of ∼1.5 km and has an estimated resistivity of < 20 ohm-m at a depth of 500m.   The most intense portion of the anomaly begins at 250m below surface, extending deeper for a vertical distance of 750m (see “3D ZTEM Results-Alteration Target Z1”) and dipping to the northwest from near surface along a dip slope of over 2km.  Geotech states: “It occurs within a zone of complex structural pattern and represents probably a link to [an] intense alteration zone that may host Cu-Au mineralization”. [ZTEM™ Inversion Results SUMMARY OF INVERSION PROCEDURE AND INTERPRETATION RESULTS Z-AXIS TIPPER ELECTROMAGNETIC (ZTEM™) AND AEROMAGNETIC GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY January 2019 — Geotech.]

This target could be drilled in 2024 after positive results from more ground surveys carried out between it and the recently found massive sulfide occurrences on the Big Gold.

Roman Zone Massive Sulfide Occurence

Luxor Project Map

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