The Big Gold property lies south of Teuton’s Orion property and west of the Four J’s.  Recent meltback of snow and ice has exposed a large area of gossanous, northerly trending zones as shown in the photographs below.  Limited prospecting carried out in 2015 has shown that a number of sub-areas contain highly anomalous levels in gold and silver.

Two of the sub-areas were drilled with nine short holes in 2016.  The last hole encountered gold-bearing mineralization at the bottom of the hole, running 11m of 0.55 g/t gold and 5.04 g/t silver.  The interval was contained in rhyolite ash tuff, a geological unit not seen in any of the other holes. The drill was still within this unit when the hole was stopped for mechanical reasons.

The gossanous zones on the property are located within 2km of Kyba’s “red line” and are considered prospective for the discovery of new deposits.  The red line marks the contact between Triassic Stuhini and Jurassic Hazelton rocks and is near all of the major deposits presently being explored by Pretium Resources and Seabridge Gold within the Sulphurets region.

Teuton owns 100% of the property.

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