The Fairweather property is located to the south of Teuton’s former King Tut and Tuck properties (since sold to Pretium Resourcces), along the southern trend of Jurassic age rocks that host the various gold deposits of Pretium’s Brucejack property.

In 1987 geologist Ken Konkin discovered a pyritic, quartz brecciated conglomerate zone on the Fairweather which was trenched and yielded an  average grade of 4.04 g/t gold over 7.0 metres.  Mr. Konkin revisited the property in 2018 and took some more samples, some of which returned good gold values.  He has a theory that the site from which the samples were taken could be an exhalative zone related to VMS mineralization.  He has recommended that more work be done at this location and along strike of the horizon.

Geological mapping done by the BC government has revised the rock units in the area to include a section within the Triassic.  The contact between this section and surrounding rocks of Jurassic age is Kyba’s “red line”:   “If you’re near that red line, and there’s a clastic sequence coupled with large-scale faults then you might be in the neighborhood of B.C.’s next big deposit.” [May 1, 2015 edition of the Northern Miner.]

The property is presently under option to Tudor Gold which can earn a 100% interest subject to NSRs in Teuton’s favour between 1.0 and 2.0%.