The property is located to the south of Pretium Resources’ producing VOK gold mine, built at a cost of $1 Billion in 2017. Government geological maps indicate that the favourable  Jurassic age rocks which underlie many of the gold deposits on Pretium’s Brucejack-Snowfield property extend south into the King Tut property.  The key Brucejack Fault, spatially related to all of the gold deposits in the Brucejack area, is also interpreted as passing south into the King Tut claims.

Pretium’s Bridge deposit lies between the Valley of the Kings and the King Tut property.  This large, bulk tonnage grade gold deposit also contains discrete sections of high-grade gold.

Teuton carried out limited exploration of the King Tut property from 2011 to 2014, including prospecting, collection of surface grab samples and drilling.  The first  and only hole drilled into the King Tut zone was in 2012–it intersected 222m grading 0.88/t gold in a hypabyssal porphyry body.    The length and grade of this hole compares well with the average for 21 holes drilled in 2010 in the nearby Bridge deposit (on Pretium’s ground) which came to 237m of 0.87 g/t gold. A series of follow-up holes were proposed (see figure to the right) but have not yet been drilled.

South and southwest of the King Tut are a set of prominent gossanous zones which have either not yet been sampled or have been sampled only on their margins (see pictures).

King Tut Schematic

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