Ram Property


The Ram property, jointly owned by Teuton and Silver Grail Resources, is located about 18km south-southeast of Stewart, BC, adjoining the Red Mountain Property of Seabridge Gold/Revolution Resources to the south.  The property covers an area of Hazelton pyroclastic volcanic and sedimentary rocks in the vicinity of a variety of intrusive plutons associated with the Coast  Range Batholith.

Prospecting has led to the discovery of several mineralized occurrences within the present Ram property boundaries.  These include hydrozincite-stained limetstone/dolomite horizons, argentiferous quartz veins, shears with minor sulphides, and a pyritic and chert horizon containing sporadic galena and sphalerite/hydrozincite.

The geological setting  is prospective for BA-type mineralization, of the kind  exposed on the  BA property of  Great Bear/Mountain Boy minerals to the north (where $5 million of exploration in 2010 has disclosed an extensive silver and base metal bearing exhalative horizon).

The Ram property is available for option.