Meet Teuton

Board of Directors

Dino Cremonese


Dino Cremonese, P. Eng., LL.B. Director of the Company since 1981, President since 1986. Currently also CEO. Dino graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 1972 and a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1979. He has devoted 27 years of his life to exploration of the prolific Stewart-Eskay Creek region of northwest British Columbia, Canada.

Robert Smiley. LL.B Mr. Smiley is a business consultant working with junior companies. He has been self-employed in this capacity for the past twenty ears. He is a former lawyer who specialized in oil and gas and securities law for twenty-five years. He is currently also a director of Sterling Ventures and Teuton Resources Corp. He has served on the boards of a number of junior and intermediate companies in the past.

Bill Pfaffenberger, Ph.D. Director of the Company since 2016. He is a Professor of Mathematics, now retired, who was at the University of Victoria for 38 years. Dr. Pfaffenberger served as a Member of the Board of Governors and Chair of the Board of Pension Trustees for the University of Victoria for 11 years overseeing a fund of over $400 million. He has been a director of various resource companies over the years and is President of a private mineral company, Fundamental Resources.

Alexandra Cremonese, B.Comm graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Victoria in 2013. Since then, she has pursued various entrepreneurial opportunities. Now working as Manager, International Sourcing & Development, for Tilray, Inc.