Stamp Property


The Stamp property is situated at the head of Nelson Glacier, immediately south of the BA property of Mt. Boy Minerals.  A dacite/rhyolite unit, which is prospective for the BA type of exhalative silver-lead-zinc mineralization, passes into the Stamp claims.

Regional Deposits

In 2011, a $5million program was completed on the adjoining BA claims, confirming significant extensions to the known stratigraphic Pb-Zn-Ag mineralization.  This mineralization is interpreted as lying within the same stratigraphic horizon which hosts the Eskay Creek Mine.  The host rocks are part of the upper Hazelton Group of the Stikine Terrane, which comprises a series of Middle Jurassic bimodal volcanics deposited in a back-arc basin.  The silver-lead-zinc mineralization is part of an exhalative VMS-style, base and precious metal mineralization system.

Mineralization on Stamp Property

A previous optionee of the Stamp property, Decade Resources, carried out an airborne geophysical program over the Stamp claims in 2010, disclosing a magnetic anomaly along the suggested course of the dacite/rhyolite unit.  Float samples taken below this were analyzed and carried silver, lead and zinc values.

No subsequent work has been carried out in recent years.   The property is expected to become active again as soon as exploration re-commences on the adjoining BA property.