Treaty East Property


The Treaty East property adjoins the Treaty Creek property to the east.  The extensive Pretium Bruecjack-Snowfield property is directly south and satellite claims of Seabridge Gold’s KSM property lie to north.   The property was acquired by Teuton in 2013 when Pretium swapped two properties for one owned by Teuton on the east side of the Knipple Glacier.

No work has yet been done on the Treaty East property but it recently has become prospective due to a discovery of Eskay-Creek type mineralization in the A6 zone by Pretium, located about 5.5km due south of the common boundary (see map).  The region east of the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System—host to the world’s largest undeveloped gold and copper reserves in the Kerr, Sulphurets, Mitchell and Iron Cap deposits (owned by Seabridge Gold), the massive Snowfield gold zone owned by Pretium, Preitum’s high-grade Valley of the Kings mine currently in production, and the Goldstorm gold zone now the focus of a major exploration program paid for by Tudor Gold, 60% owner (Teuton and American Creek each own 20% carried interests)—has historically  been considered to have minimal mineral potential.  This has now changed owing to the A6 discovery.

Pretium says the following about the zone on their website: “The A6 Zone is located approximately 14 kilometers northeast of the Brucejack Mine. A prospecting and mapping program in 2018 outlined an area with stratigraphy consistent with a paleo-rift environment, favorable to the formation of Eskay Creek-style VMS systems. Drilling in 2019 included 17 drill holes totaling 8,340 meters and identified a buried rhyolite dome capped by a mudstone unit locally anomalous in arsenic and mercury. The rhyolite dome is up to 200 meters thick, at least 500 meters wide and 2 kilometers long, and remains open to the north and south. The rhyolite is intensely sericite altered, hosts pyrite stringer zones, and locally hosts anomalous copper and silver values. In two drill holes peripheral to the rhyolite, narrow intersections of high-grade silver and copper mineralization were found. The alteration and geochemistry further indicate potential for hosting an Eskay Creek style VMS system at A6.”   [NoteMineralization as described on Pretium Resources neighbouring property is not necessarily indicative of any mineralization hosted on the Company’s Treaty East property.]

Teuton plans a program of prospecting and geochemical sampling in 2020.  The property is available for option.

Area Map

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