Lord Nelson Property


The Lord Nelson claims lie immediately north of Teuton’s Del Norte property and cover the northern extension of the same prospective horizons related to most of the mineralization on the Del Norte property. Arc West Exploration holds the property under option from Teuton. Jeff Kyba, former regional geologist for northwestern British Columbia and originator of the famous “red line” theory, is Arc West’s VP of Exploration.
Teuton commissioned a Geotech ZTEM airborne survey in 2018 over its Del Norte-Midas-Konkin Silver properties which was extended to include the Lord Nelson. A large gold target was discovered and has been described by Geotech geophysicists as follows:
“It is occurring in the northern most portion of the survey block and coincides with a strong Aerotem conductor. It lies at the contact between volcanics and sediments of the Hazelton Group. This target is stretching roughly in the NS direction over a distance of >1.8 km and has an estimated resistivity of < 50 ohm-m at depth of 300m. It occurs within a zone of complex structural pattern and represents probably the northern extension of the conductor that hosts the LG vein system [the LG vein system is on Teuton’s Del Norte property].”