The High North property adjoins to the south of Seabridge Gold’s KSM property, home to many giant porphyry copper-gold deposits—these represent the largest undeveloped reserves of copper-gold in the world.

Jeff Kyba, former regional geologist for northwestern British Columbia, emphasized the importance of a “red line” (the contact between Triassic and Jurassic age rocks) and was quoted as follows in the May 1, 2015 edition of the Northern Miner:

“If you’re near that red line, and there’s a clastic sequence coupled with large-scale faults then you might be in the neighborhood of B.C.’s next big deposit,” he says. “And knowing that is a big game-changer for explorers in the region because it’ll get them closer to making a discovery.”  

This red-line travels south from the KSM property into the High North, roughly bisecting the latter property into two halves.   Work by the Geological Survey of Canada and Kyba also suggests that being close to a regional thrust fault, the “Sulphurets” may also be important:

But a change in lithology across the contact isn’t the only thing Kyba suggests is a useful proxy to finding “nation-building” ore deposits.  

Brucejack and KSM are both encased in a large halo of a highly deformed, quartz-sericite-altered host rock. Immediately to the east is a large, Cretaceous-aged thrust fault called “Sulphurets” that caps the altered ore-host. 

Kyba reckons that it’s no coincidence the prominent fault is so close to the deposits. 

This same fault also passes through Teuton’s High North property, originating in the KSM property.

Work to date on the High North has been minimal, mostly because of its high altitude location and steep topography.  But some prominent gossans located just south of the border with the KSM property on High North ground, and also along the western border, suggest potential for finding porphyry copper-gold deposits in addition to what is demonstrated by the proximity to the ”red line” and the Sulphurets Fault.

The property is currently under option to Tudor Gold with a 2.5% NSR.   There is no buyback on this royalty.