Harry Property


In September of 2020,  a new showing was discovered on the property that contained coarse gold, a sample from which ran 7.8 oz/ton gold across 2.0m.  The property received a government permit for drilling in 2021.    

The Harry property straddles the Salmon River Glacier and covers a series of gossans located along the old Granduc Mining Road.   The new Granduc Road is located just uphill from it and is regularly used by both tourists and mining companies.  Various alteration zones on Ascot’s Dilworth property, situated due east of the Harry, continue northwestward into the Harry.  In 2019, Teuton expanded the Harry property by acquiring the adjoining (to the west) Outland Silver Bar property.  This property has been explored in past years by 12 adits (tunnels), searching for silver-rich vein mineralization

The Harry property was optioned to Jayden Resources in September of 2020 with terms allowing Jayden to earn up to a 55% interest in the property by spending $2 million and paying $180,000 to Teuton over a five year period.  Jayden can an earn an additional 20% interest by carrying the property to commercial production.  In addition to Teuton’s residual 25% working interest, it also holds a 2% NSR (no buyback).  

Highly anomalous gold and gold-arsenic geochemical samples have been taken along the ice edge and also along the old Granduc road. A single location was drilled in 2010 outlining a zone in the vicinity of old workings which is also gold anomalous.   In September of 2020 a gossanous  zone was discovered, the “Milestone”, in the northern part of the property in an area exposed by glacial meltback.  The showing contained coarse gold and ran 7.8 oz/ton gold across 2.0m.    There are also some indications that the property has potential for hosting VMS-type mineralization.

Native Gold—Milestone Showing
Harry Property looking north.