Eskay Rift Property

The Eskay Rift property was permitted for drilling in June, 2021. It lies just to the south of the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System as shown in the attached map entitled “Elephants of the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System”.  

In 2018, Teuton commissioned a Geotech ZTEM survey over a large area, the eastern part of which included the Eskay Rift property.  Geotech, in a report summarizing its findings said the following: :The 3D ZTEM inversion results reveal the presence of numerous conductive anomalous features characterized by lower resistivity values by contrast to the host rocks. Most of these conductors are linear in shape and are striking in various directions. Among them, a number are selected for copper-gold targeting purposes and these are labelled with the letter “Z”.

The key criteria for copper-gold target selection within these properties are summarized in the following points:

  • Association with zones of resistivity low; this is typical to porphyry-style mineralization and related alteration zones. The resistivity low may also be indicative of intense phyllic/argillic/propylitic/pyritic alteration zones;
  • Structurally controlled by fault and shear zones;
  • Association with magnetic lows in case of the presence of magnetite-destructive alteration typical to porphyry mineralization types; 
  • Association with deep-seated fault zones that may serve as conduits for mineralized hydrothermal fluids;
  • Association with resistive features surrounded by conductive zone;
  • Occurring within areas of structural complexity.”

Geotech’s first Priority-1 Target called the “Z1” has been selected for drilling by Teuton Resources in 2021.  The Z1 target strikes northeast over a distance of 1.5 km and has an estimated resistivity of < 20 ohm-m at a depth of 500m.   The most intense portion of the anomaly covers a vertical distance of 750m (see “3D ZTEM Results-Alteration Target Z1”) and it dips to the northwest from near surface along a dip slope of over 2km.  Geotech states: “It occurs within a zone of complex structural pattern and represents probably a link to [an] intense alteration zone that may host Cu-Au mineralization”. [ZTEM™ Inversion Results SUMMARY OF INVERSION PROCEDURE AND INTERPRETATION RESULTS Z-AXIS TIPPER ELECTROMAGNETIC (ZTEM™) AND AEROMAGNETIC GEOPHYSICAL SURVEY January 2019 — Geotech

Teuton has already signed a drill contract and is ready to mobilize as soon as weather conditions permit.   Other targets on the property such as the Z2 and Z3 may also be drilled if time and weather logistics warrant.   The Z3 extends for over 3km and consists of a conductive mag high which could represent massive sulphide or BIF [banded iron formation] mineralization according to the Geotech report.   

Elephants of the Sulphurets Hydrothermal System.

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