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Gallery of copper-stained showings on Pearson Property discovery.
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The Pearson and Pearson North properties lie about 20 km to the south-southwest of Seabridge Gold’s prolific KSM property, home to the world’s largest reserves of copper and gold.  The former Granduc copper mine is situated 2km to the southwest.

A major EM anomaly has been identified in the southern portion of the property by previous owner Castle Resources.  Castle had Teuton’s adjoining Silver Leduc claims under option and when it defaulted on that option, title to the Pearson claims passed to Teuton.  A 100% interest is presently owned in the property by Teuton.

Very recent work has led to the discovery of a kilometer long zone containing multiple occurrences of malachite and azurite stain north of the geophysical anomaly.

Geophysical Anomaly

In early 2013 the previous owner of the property. Castle Resources, had an independent consulting company model and interpret a series of EM anomalies on the Pearson property outlined by a 2010 airborne survey.  The resulting work identified a major, 2km long target—see accompanying figure.

Castle stated the following in their Feb. 2013 news release.

“An extensive conductor has been identified along the southern face of the area roughly 3.5 km north east of the JK Zone** (termed the North EM Conductor). This feature trends north-south, exhibits a conductivity greater than 13 mS/m and extends over a strike length exceeding 2 km, dipping approximately 15 degrees to the south. This feature extends to surface at location (NAD 83 UTM Zone 9) 419235 E, 6234560 N, and the majority of the feature begins 200 m below surface, representing a potential near-surface drill target. This conductive feature is located within a magnetic low and bounded to the east by a magnetic high (0.01 nT).

The target was scheduled for drilling by Castle in 2013 but due to circumstances this never took place.

The area of the anomaly was prospected in 2017.  Many float samples carrying either chalcopyrite or chalcopyrite and magnetite were found.  Assays are awaited.

New Area of Green/Blue Copper Stain

In 2016 photographs were taken of an area containing malachite staining on a cliff face (see pictures and video), situated a few hundred metres west of the geophysical anomaly.  Further prospecting carried out to the north of this occurrence has resulted in the discovery of a kilometer long zone carrying numerous instances of green-blue, malachite and azurite stain (see picture gallery, below).  One of the prospecting geologists stated:

“It is very encouraging that the malachite and azurite is found on the cliff faces for a straight distance of about 1km, ending at an ice field in the NW and a glacier in the SW. These are not only a few occurrences, but staining shows in many places. Sometimes only small spots, but also large patches that can be seen from 200m away. Mineralization is tied to fracture fillings and disseminations in wall rock as well as quartz veining.”

It is not yet known what kind of structure (or structures) is giving rise to this extensive mineralization. Many samples have been taken and assays are awaited.

Readers are cautioned that Teuton’s Qualified Person, D. Cremonese, P.Eng., has not independently verified either the collection of the geophysical data or the modelling/interpretation of it.   However, he has no reason to believe that it is not reliable.  As President of Teuton Resources, Mr. Cremonese is not independent of the Company.

Area Map

Anomaly Map

*The red line on the accompanying map has been identified by Jeff Kyba as a favourable area in which to search for large mineral deposits.  Mr. Kyba  was the provincial  government’s geologist for northwestern BC and author of many papers on the region.

2016 4K Drone Anomaly Video