Teuton first staked the Tennyson property in 1985 after noticing a large gossan was emerging from under snow and ice at the head of the Berendon Glacier.  Subsequent prospecting identified several zones with good gold and silver values as well as a porphyry copper-gold occurrence.

In 2011, Teuton drilled 16 holes into the porphyry zone most of which returned appreciable values in copper and gold over lengthy intercepts (best hole ran 229.5 metres of 0.25 g/t gold and 0.32% copper).  Subsequent to this success, the property was optioned to Brigade Resources, a private Hunter Dickinson company.  Under the terms of the option Brigade could have earned an initial 50% interest by incurring C$6 million in exploration expenditures.

In a progress report dated November, 2012, Brigade geologists stated:  “The lithological, alteration, veining  and metal endowment characteristics recorded in outcrop and drill core, in consideration of surface  geochemical and geophysical data collected within the same area, are all consistent with the presence of a large copper-gold porphyry-style deposit within the Tennyson property.   As such further systematic exploration is warranted.

However, the following year in a time of falling copper prices Brigade returned the property to Teuton.   As a result Teuton received 100% ownership of the property with the benefit of $3,00,000+ of free exploration work and an additional $600,000 in cash option payments.

In 2018, as part of a regional program, Teuton hired Geotech to fly a ZTEM survey over the Tennyson and adjoining Four J’s property (also 100% Teuton).  This work identified several areas considered prospective for gold mineralization and also a new porphyry target in the southeast portion of the property.

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